Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Judge declares a mistrial in Edward and Linda Mangano corruption case

"By Newsday Staff

Prosecutor Catherine Mirabile questioning witness Harendra Singh  3/15/18

John Venditto's  defense attorney Marc Agnifilo  questioning Jonathan Sinnreich  4/19/18

Edward  Mangano's attorney delivers  his  closing  statement  5/16/18

Linda  Mangano's  attorney,  John  Carman  delivers  his  closing  statement   5/16/18

L-R  John Venditto,  Atty Joshua D. Kirshner,  Atty John  Carman, Edward  Mangano,  Linda  Mangano

Marc  Agnifio  delivers closing statement  5/16/18

John Venditto  Not  Guilty Verdict

Judge Joan Azrack reads a portion of the charge federal Judge Valerie Caproni used in the trial of Joseph Percoco to the jury 5/22/18

Joye Brown (Newsday) conversing with Edward Mangano during jury deliberation

Paralegal awaits a verdict

Robert Kessler (Newsday) conversing with an FBI agent during jury deliberation

Edward Mangano awaiting the jury verdict

Mangano Mistrial is announced 5/31/18

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